Many people search the Web for a USA telephone database hoping that it will help them locate or track down lost friends/family members or even to find out who keeps calling them from an unknown number. The unfortunate thing is that if they do find a national telephone number database it won’t help them with unlisted phone numbers or cell phone numbers.

A USA telephone database may help with residential or business phone numbers, but it won’t show any information for an unlisted residential or business phone number. Cell phone numbers are considered “private” by law and information about who owns them is only attainable by using a reverse telephone lookup service.

Reverse look up services pay large cell phone and land line phone companies to access their customer databases to get the information. They then offer this information for a small fee.

So while a USA telephone database may be useful for looking up most residential and business phone numbers it is completely useless for unlisted phone numbers and cell phone numbers. If you’re in need of looking up information about either of these types of phone numbers then a reverse phone lookup is your only option.

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What’s The Reason For Using A Reverse Cellular Phone Lookup Service?

Obtaining the caller’s identity and/or location of a specific cellphone number that isn’t in the telephone book is the number one reason why you would use a reverse cellular telephone look up service.

Reverse telephone lookup services work by obtaining

permission to access member databases of diverse cell phone operators and local phone companies. By consolidating a number of different sources of data, they offer users with a ability to search through a huge database holding almost every single telephone number in the United States. This data includes cellular telephone phone numbers, business and residential numbers, and unlisted telephone numbers.

Reverse cellular telephone

lookup services are limited by agreements with the telephone companies. It is because of this restricted relationship that the reverse cellphone lookup services are forbidden from providing this info free of charge. And this is the reason why a valid credit card or paypal account is necessary to register and implement these services. By doing this it ensures that the information can’t be utilized for unlawful purposes. Additionally, cell companies charge to use their databases to get back their costs by asking for a subscription fee.

What Does A Reverse Mobile Phone Look Up Service Tell You?

You will see the name and address of the phone number owner.

How To Utilize A Reverse Telephone Look Up Service?

All you do is put in the telephone number you’re researching into the web form. A majority of services will display a portion of the information for free:

  1. It will tell you if the telephone number is a cell or residential or a business line.
  2. Precise area the phone number is listed.
  3. Any additional data about this phone number is available.

Getting the name of the owner from the telephone number will require that you purchase access to the service. As previously stated, the registration requirement ensures that the service won’t be used unlawfully.

Now you can surf to a reverse cellular phone lookup web site to execute a reverse telephone look up and locate the owner of any cellular telephone landline or unlisted number.

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